About us

At RashMedia we are a core group of media profesionals with many years experience in TV production, advertising, online video, music production, corporate video production and much more. We also have strategic partnerships with media buyers, production crew, broadcast designers and online content producers, to enable us to creative a rich and diversion range of content.

richardsRichard Rasdall

Richard Rasdall is the owner and founder of RashMedia. For 23 years he has produced and directed literally hundreds of TV commercials and videos for a diverse range of clients. “At RashMedia we have always gone out of our way to produce the very best for our clients at all times. With our own studios, we have the flexibility and resources to work on projects until our clients are 100% happy. Service and quality is everything” “We’re not the cheapest production company around and we’re OK with that. I’m not interested in the race to the bottom to create the cheapest looking turds, but what I am most committed to is giving our clients a quality product and great reliable service at a reasonable price.”

Bridget Roncelli

Bridget is an AVID editor, motion graphics designer and the undisputed fashion queen at RashMedia! Having graduated from ANU with a Bachelor of Digital Arts, Bridget previously worked as a motion graphics designer at Southern Cross Austereo in Canberra.

Garry Frost

The enigmatic Garry Frost (Gaz) is an audio post engineer. producer, guitarist and songwriter. Having formerly written hit songs for the bands Moving Pictures and 1927, Garry runs the ProTools audio suite at RashMedia along with his solo projects. Gaz has been an integral part of Rash for over 18 years.